Suica vs PASMO

To travel around in Japan Suica and PASMO are very useful to pay the commuting fee. ♧*:;;;;;;:*♧*:;;;;;;:*♧*:;;;;;;:*♧*:;;;;;;:*♧*:;;;;;;:* These two passes are provided by two different companies. Suica = JR PASMO = Other 11 trains like Tokyo metro and 19 bus businesses provide. Yet, you can use Suica not only JR but other trains as well, like subway and busses, as well as you can use … Continue reading Suica vs PASMO

Secret Spot for Cherry Blossom Viewing in Tokyo

Arakawa River is the boundary between Tokyo and Saitama prefecture and it’s a nice place for having a picnic under cherry blossoms, yet not so many people know about this little spot compared to other more famous cherry blossom spots. It’s good to have some drinks with cherry blossom flavor for the picnic!   ヾ(o✪‿✪o)♪   Continue reading Secret Spot for Cherry Blossom Viewing in Tokyo

Cherry Blossom in Tokyo Today (second week)

Last week I went to a park in Shinjuku, Tokyo, but cherry blossoms were only 50% blooming.   Now it’s full blooming in Tokyo ~ (*´꒳`*)   Sakura doesn’t last long in Tokyo. It’s usually only from 1 to 2 weeks of life, so today I went to a different park in Tokyo to fully enjoy this beautiful season ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡   Ueno Park 上野公園 Ueno … Continue reading Cherry Blossom in Tokyo Today (second week)

Cherry Blossom Viewing Party: Hanami

Cherry blossoms in Tokyo are in full bloom now.   During this season, many people go to parks for a picnic or party outside as they drink and eat under the cherry blossoms.   This is called 花見; hanami in Japanese.   This custom started Nara era, which is in the 8th century and it was started by the Japanese nobility. The nobles may have first … Continue reading Cherry Blossom Viewing Party: Hanami


Japan is located right off the east coast of the Asian continent between the Pacific ocean and the Sea of Japan stretching all the way from the Sea of Okhotsk with the East China Sea to the South. Japan is 60th biggest country in the world, bigger than U.K. and smaller than France. As an island, Japan is 7th biggest island in the world. Japan … Continue reading 都道府県 TO・DO・FU・KEN