Amazake (Non-Alcohol Sweet Sake)

甘酒; Amazake is my favorite traditional Japanese drink that is made from fermented rice or the lees left over from sake. Amazake has been drunken since at least the 6th century Japan.   Although amazake has been around a long time, it became really popular in these recent 10 years because of its abundance of nutrients. At the supermarket, there is a variety of amazake … Continue reading Amazake (Non-Alcohol Sweet Sake)

Japanese Hamburger Steaks

In Japan, a hamburger-steak or ハンバーグ hambagu, is more popular than a hamburger. It is basically the hamburger pate, but the ingredient in it is a bit different. First of all, the grounded meat is not 100% beef, but it is usually mixed with grounded pork. With 50% grounded beef and 50% grounded pork, chopped onions, eggs, and panko, which is bread crumbs, are in it. This … Continue reading Japanese Hamburger Steaks

Japanese KitKats

Japanese KitKats aren’t only regular, white and dark chocolate flavors but Japanese Kitkats a famous for there variety of unique flavors that can only be bought in Japan.   These include Macha, Nuts & Cranberry, Strawberry, and much much more!   This is a seasonal KitKat for easter. It is a banana flavor! The taste really tastes like banana and it’s really good!   KitKat … Continue reading Japanese KitKats

Cherry Blossom Viewing Party: Hanami

Cherry blossoms in Tokyo are in full bloom now.   During this season, many people go to parks for a picnic or party outside as they drink and eat under the cherry blossoms.   This is called 花見; hanami in Japanese.   This custom started Nara era, which is in the 8th century and it was started by the Japanese nobility. The nobles may have first … Continue reading Cherry Blossom Viewing Party: Hanami

TOP 5 Over-rice food 丼🍚 in Japan

Japan has lots of 丼ぶり; donburi which is something-over-rice food, for example, meat over rice or raw fish over rice etc. You can put pretty anything over rice. It usually matches any combination. Here is the most popular donburi in Japan.   1.Tendon – Tempura over rice It is a very good this dish with teriyaki sauce. 2. Gyudon – meat over rice The meat … Continue reading TOP 5 Over-rice food 丼🍚 in Japan

White day?

In Japan, February 14th it is Valentine’s day. It’s a day where girls give chocolates to guys. Mainly, from girlfriends to their boyfriends or girls gives chocolates to guys to approach them. But many girls give 義理チョコ; giri choco which give appreciation or gratitude to any guys at work or family. Also, many girls give chocolates even to their girl friends. Why Chocolate? This is … Continue reading White day?

Japanese Healthy Food

When it comes to health, generally, the Japanese diet is much healthier than the American one. American obesity is above 30%, whereas Japanese obesity is less than 5%. Indeed when I was in the States, there were so many times I was shocked about how American people ate so unhealthily. In Japan, there are lots of access to reasonably healthy food while America not so much. A … Continue reading Japanese Healthy Food

How to Eat Shabu Shabu?

ShabuShabu is Japanese hot pot with meats and vegetables using soup stocks and eating with dipping sauce. It is very delicious and so popular in Japan. What is the Soup? Traditionally, the soup is seaweed stock, but today there are more options, such as spicy soup or chicken stock. What kind of meats and vegetables? It has almost anything you can put into the hotpot … Continue reading How to Eat Shabu Shabu?

Top Japanese Fast Food

Like every else in the world, fast food has become popular in Japan also. There are lot of choices when it comes to fast food in Japan, and while just like every else they have international fast food chains such as McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC. However there are also some chains that are unique to Japan and you’d maybe not heard of before. Let’s … Continue reading Top Japanese Fast Food

Sweet Sparkling Sake

This is one of my favorite alcoholic drinks, 澪 MIO. It’s Japanese sparkling sake. It is sweet and smooth texture slightly carbonated Sake. It’s a small blue bottle about 500 yen ($5) at stores like convenience stores or supermarkets, but the price is about a thousand yen ($10) at restaurants. I like the beautiful plum flowers picture on the bottle.  You can drink with a … Continue reading Sweet Sparkling Sake