Study Japanese with Slam Dank


One of my favorite manga, is Slam Dank.

I used to watch this anime with my brother every week when I was a kid.

I picked a scene from the manga and explain the Japanese word.



なぜあんなゴツい男が晴子ちゃんの兄貴なんだ!!Why that muscular guy is Haruko’s brother !!

こんなに似てない兄妹がいていいものか!!There is no such brother and sister that not similar at all !!

まさに目の上のタンコブ!!This is exactly like a thorn in my side !!


1. ゴツい gotsui: muscular

2. 兄貴 aniki : older brother: this is often use by men.

Ex. 俺の兄貴は東京に住んでるよ。My older brother lives in Tokyo.

Besides 兄貴, many men also use お袋 (ohukuro) as they talk about mother, 親父 (oyaji) as they talk about father, and 姉貴 (aneki) about older sister. However, there are no such words for younger brothers and sisters.


Also, many young people (both make and female) use  おやじ (only written in hiragana or katakana but not kanji in this case) when they talk about old people.

3. いていいものか iteiimonoka: shouldn’t be there/ shouldn’t exist

Ex. 仕事がつまらない。このまま今の会社にいていいものか迷う。My job is boring. I’m considering as to whether I should keep working there or not.

Ex. ゾンビなんていていいものか。Zombies shouldn’t exist.

いていいものか is similar to あっていいものか meaning that it shouldn’t be.

Ex. そんなバカみたいな事あっていいものか。 There shouldn’t be such ridiculous.

4. まさに(まさしく) masani (masashiku): Exactly (To emphasize following words)

Ex. まさにあなたの言う通り!What you say is exactly true!

Ex. まさにその通り!That’s exactly right.

5. 目の上のタンコブ(目の上のコブ) me no ue no tankobu (me no ue no kobu): This is idiom meaning to be a thorn in one’s side. This is talking about someone who is older/thinner/can do better than you and has no purpose but annoys you. 目の上 describes that above your eyes = someone above you, and タンコブ(コブ)is bump. If you have bump over your eyes, it most annoy you.  

スラムダンク】福田吉兆の名言からわかる性格とは?モデルも実在?謹慎 ...

Ex. 上司 (jyoushi) はガミガミとうるさい。本当に目の上のたんこぶだ。My boss always complains to me. He is really annoying.

Ex. 目の上のたんこぶと言われないように、上から目線 (ue kara mesen) で話をしないようにしている。I try not to talk with condescending attitude because I don’t want to annoy anyone.



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