Amazake (Non-Alcohol Sweet Sake)

甘酒; Amazake is my favorite traditional Japanese drink that is made from fermented rice or the lees left over from sake. Amazake has been drunken since at least the 6th century Japan.

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Although amazake has been around a long time, it became really popular in these recent 10 years because of its abundance of nutrients.

At the supermarket, there is a variety of amazake that include things like ginger flavor amazake or soy milk amazake. It is very popular among health conscious women.

Amazake is broadly classified into 2 specific kinds. One is made from rice-koji, fermented rice, that has no alcohol, and another is made from sake-koji, lees left over from sake, containing only a little alcohol. Both have dietary fiber, protein, amino acid, glucose, various vitamins including B1, B2, B6, and B9 , and various minerals including zinc and iron. Also, it is good for those who are on a diet as it’s low calorie, only 80kcal in 100g.

You can find a canned or packed one anywhere in Japan, like at vending machines or at convenient stores.


I personally love home-made amazake that is usually sold at Hanami festivals at a park or at shrines on New year’s day.

老若男女が四天王寺に集う「おだいしさん」の楽しみ方 | J-TRIP Smart ...



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