How to Use やばい



These are examples of using different suffixes for the adjective of やばい meaning either very good or bad.

やばい; yabai originally means dangerous or a troubling situation, but it started being used broad meanig as slang among the young people in the 1980’s, so now people use やばい more in a bad situation, but also in good situations.

So, it means basically OMG, very good, very bad, or excited. Literally, you can use やばい for any situation that is not normal like using OMG.

Following is some situations and example sentences using やばい Σ( ̄Д ̄;)

① You can use YABAI in any OMG/oh no situations.

やばい!遅刻しそう! OMG! I’m gonna be late.

やばっ!超かわいい!OMG that’s so cute.

マジでヤバイ!今月の給料全部使っちゃった。。。OMG I used all of my pay that I got for this month.

やばい。どうしよう。ゲームしすぎて学校の課題が終わってない。Oh no (><) What should I do… I’ve played video games too much and haven’t yet finished my school assignments.

やばくない? | 山運

② You can use YABAI in any good or bad situation.

やばいもの見ちゃった。。。I saw something bad…

充電がやばい。。My phone is dying…

それ、やばくない? Isn’t that very good/bad?

目がかゆくてヤバイ My eyes are so itchy.

充電がっ!!!! #充電がやばい #しにゃんこ #LINEスタンプ #128日 ...

③ You can also use it in an excited or fun situation.

This game is so exciting/fun. このゲーム、楽しすぎてやばい。

実況】 ルウシェ当たらなかったけど呪剣エクルが楽しすぎてヤバイ ...

④ You can use it about crazy/weird people or things.

やばい人 Crazy person.

あの人やばくない? Isn’t he weird?



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