Useful and Practical Japanese Phrases Starting from さ、し 、す、せ、そ (・ω・)

(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵) Let’s study 5 often used Japanese phrases.

Today we’re gonna explain the phrases starting from さ、し 、す、せ、and そ!!!




さ・・・さばさばした性格(さばさば した せいかく)

  • This is a personality that is optimistic, down to the earth, simple, chill, straightforward, open-hearted, and cheery disposition. This is used mainly for females.

Ex. あきさんは、さばさばした性格の人だ。Aki is very simple and optimistic.

Ex. さばさばした性格の人が好き。I like the person who is open-hearted.

し・・・仕方がない(しかた が ない)/ しょうがない

  • Oh, well…
  • It can’t be helped
  • Nothing can be done about it

Ex. やってしまった事は仕方ないよ。次からは気を付けてね。You can’t do anything about what you have done. Be careful next time.

Ex. テストの結果が悪かった。仕方ない、次はがんばるぞ! The result of the exam was bad. Oh well, I will try harder next time.

Ex. あなたって、本当にしょうがない人ね。You never change. You are hopeless.

ε-(◔ิд◔ิ;A) sigh…

Ex. 悩んでるだけじゃしょうがないから、行動をしよう。Just thinking about it goes nowhere, so take an action.


  • Refresh, feeling better, or clear of mind (feeling)
  • Feel better or clear minded

Ex. シャワーを浴びてすっきりしたい!I want to take a shower to get refreshed!

Ex. 面倒なことは早く終わらして、すっきりしたい。I want to get this troublesome stuff done quickly so I’ll feel better.



  • Being dedicated to a thing, such as work or study.

Ex. 彼と私は、互いに切磋琢磨してがんばっている。He and I try to improve each other by learning and competing with each other.

Ex. 切磋琢磨できる環境にいれることは、自分の成長のために、いいと思う。Being in a competitive and learnable environment is good for my development.

そ・・・備えあれば憂いなし(そなえ あれば うれい なし)

  • If you are prepared all the time / ahead of the time, you wouldn’t be worried about anything.
  • Everything can go no problem if you prepare well.

Ex. 何事も、備えあれば憂いなしだから、毎日、本を読む事にした。I decided to read a book every day because everything can go well if I am well prepared.

Ex. 旅行に行くときは、旅行保険に入るようにしているよ。備えあれば憂いなしだからね。I’d get travel insurance when I go traveling because if I prepare ahead of the time, I won’t be worried.




Message me if you have any questions!

Happy learning.


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