Useful and Practical Japanese Phrase Start from か、き、く、け、こ (・ω・)ノ

(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵) Let’s study 5 often used Japanese phrases.

Today we’re gonna explain the phrases starts from か, き, く, け, and こ !!!


・・・金が物言う (かね が もの いう)

Money has power; money talks. You can do whatever you want if you have enough money.

金 = money

物言う = talk something

Ex. 金が物言う世の中; Money talks in this world

・・・聞くは一時の恥。聞かぬは一生の恥。(きく は いっとき の はじ。きかぬ は いっしょう の はじ)

If you ask what you don’t know, that can be embarrassing only that moment. However, if you don’t ask what you don’t know and pretend that you know the thing, it can be embarrassing for the whole of your life.

聞く = ask

一時 = moment

聞かぬ = not to ask

一生 = your whole life

恥 = shame

Ex. 私は、分からないことがあったら、誰にでも、すぐに聞くようにしている。聞くは一時の恥、聞かぬは一生の恥、だからね。If there is something I don’t understand even if it’s embarrassing, I immediately ask anyone I can.  In asking you’ll only be embarrassed for that short period of asking but if you don’t ask, you’ll only embarrass yourself throughout life.

・・・食わず嫌い (くわず ぎらい)

Although you haven’t tried it, you decided that you don’t like it; similar meaning to try it before you judge it.

食わず = not to eat

嫌い = dislike

Ex. あなたって本当に食わず嫌いだよね。You have so many things that you don’t like even though you haven’t tried them.

・・・犬猿の仲 (けんえん の なか)

In Asian folklore, people say dogs and monkeys don’t get along each other. This phrase is expressing a bad relationship between two people.

犬 = dog

猿 = monkey

仲 = relationship between 2 people

Ex. りさにえりなの話はしない方がいいよ。あの二人は犬猿の仲だから。You shouldn’t talk about Erina to Lisa because they don’t get along each other.

・・・心を鬼にする (こころ を おに に する)

To be strict with another person to teach them or make them get better. Try not to be too nice because it doesn’t help the person. Instead, you would be strict and honest to help, guide, and lead the person.

心 = heart

鬼 = imaginary Japanese monster that is used as a metaphor for being strict.

する = to do

Ex. 私だってこんな事言いたくないけど、心を鬼にして言わないとあなたの為にならないから。I don’t wanna say such things, but it is for your betterment that I have to be strict.


Message me when you have any questions!

Happy learning.


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