Japanese KitKats


Japanese KitKats aren’t only regular, white and dark chocolate flavors but Japanese Kitkats a famous for there variety of unique flavors that can only be bought in Japan.


These include Macha, Nuts & Cranberry, Strawberry, and much much more!


This is a seasonal KitKat for easter. It is a banana flavor! The taste really tastes like banana and it’s really good!


KitKat sometimes has some crazy flavors like sake or wasabi.

KitKat Sake Flavor

This sake flavor KitKat was not bad, but I actually had a bit of sake flavor, so I don’t really I want to buy it again, but it was just for fun with friends.


You can actually taste what the flavor of KitKat is supposed to be quite distinctly yet it still tastes like chocolate. The chocolate is less sweet than ones in the U.S. which I prefer.

KitKats are usually sold at convenience stores, supermarkets, and airports.

At the airports, they have a special one as a souvenier.

Find your favorite flavor 😍

KitKat product information



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