Cherry Blossom in Tokyo Today (second week)


Last week I went to a park in Shinjuku, Tokyo, but cherry blossoms were only 50% blooming.


Now it’s full blooming in Tokyo ~img_0318



Sakura doesn’t last long in Tokyo. It’s usually only from 1 to 2 weeks of life, so today I went to a different park in Tokyo to fully enjoy this beautiful season



Ueno Park 上野公園


Ueno park is one of the 5 greatest cherry blossom spots in Tokyo.

This is also a historical place since 1625 in the Edo era, so you can see a lot of history, culture, and art not only nature.





The park has main attractions is it’s pond, temples, shrines, restaurants, museums, and Ueno Zoo.


The pond has lotus flowers all over it in summer which is really amazing to see, but there aren’t any during the spring season.



In the park, there are many temples and shrines.





The zoo is the 2nd largest with 500 spaces and the oldest one in Japan, opening in the year 1882.



The entrance is all free except the zoo (600 yen) and museums (depends on the museum but the cost is about 1,500 yen mostly), but they are pretty nice and you can definitely find something to enjoy.

They have various kind of museums, so you want to check what they have currently before you go.


Ueno park has really beautiful scenery not only springtime but throughout the whole year.


They also have festivals almost every weekend.



I go there often but have not gone around all areas yet because the park is quite big and every season I come, the scenery and atmosphere looks different, like the colors of trees and flowers.


This is my most favorite park in Tokyo.







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