Japanese Toilet

Many of the Japanese toilets are very functional.

Here is the complete guide for you on how to enjoy a Japanese toilet.

You can clean the toilet seat before you sitting on it, as many of the Japanese toilets have alcoholic wipes or a spray sanitizer nearby that can be used to clean the toilet seat before you sit. However, this is not everywhere so if you want to be super-clean then make sure to bring your own wipes or sprays too.


After doing your toilet related business but before wiping yourself clean, you may want to try using the various buttons on the side of the toilet. These buttons include:

おしり; oshiri (hip)・・・for washing your buttocks.


ビデ; bide (front)・・・for ladies to wash their private parts.

You can also change the heat of the seat and the spraying water.


温度設定; ondo settei (temp tetting) ・・・you can set water temp and seat temp. I recommend lower temp because the water hits to your sensitive parts.

低; tei (lower)

高; kou (higher)

止/停止;teishi (stop)・・・to stop washing it.


Make sure that the water pressure is not too high because if it is, you will hurt yourself.

水勢/洗浄強さ; suisei (water pressure)・・・to adjust the water pressure

弱; jyaku (weaker)

強; kyou (stronger)


ノズル掃除; nozzle souji (cleaning the nozzle)

乾燥; kansou (drying)・・・ some toilet has this but some not.

音姫; otohime (sounds) ・・・makes noises in order not to let others hear while you to do your business (keeps your toilet business more private in other words). Many public toilets have this function. It usually is the sound of running water or nature sounds like birds chirping and such, very relaxing.

流す; nagasu (fresh)・・・Please flush before you leave

If you wipe before you use the washing functions, it’s like you’re spreading your dirt between wrinkles on your hip, so it is better to wash first and then wipe or dry it.


Try not to point the water directly into your hole. This washes out the mucosal fluid that protects lower intestines. By washing out this mucus, it makes it easier for bacteria to enter through the rectum and you make sick. Some toilets having an automatic moving nozzle button (ムーブ機能) to avoid this particular problem. If there is no function, you can also move around a bit that has the same effect.

Another tip is the 10-second rule.

You shouldn’t want to wash more than 10 seconds as washing for too long can also wash off the mucus that protects your lower intestines. It is usually enough washing for only 5 or 6 seconds. I know it feels good to use but do not use any more than 10 seconds.


If you want to bring this washing function anywhere you go, you can buy portable washlet.

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