Shiba-Sakura Hill in Chichibu

Chichibu is surrounded by mountains and about 1 and a half hour to 2 hours away from Tokyo.

The train ticket is about 1,200 yen ($15) from Tokyo.

Hitsujiyama Park

In this park, you can see what looks like a sea of beautiful Shiba-sakura at the top of Shiba-sakura hill.


From Apr 27th to May 6th, a festival will be held at the park.

The entrance fee is usually free for the park but it will be 300 yen ($3) during the festival season.

In that park, you can also visit a petting zoo that has sheep.



Around the area, Onsen is also available. There are about 20 onsens around the area.




Chichibu is also famous for soba noodle which is buckwheat noodles. It is very fresh with just grounded flour and Chichibu’s clear water.


Fresh Water Fish

Ayu is also good at Chichibu.




Near the park, there is Chichibu Shrine with 2,100 years of history.




If you want to go to a place of nature that’s close to Tokyo, Chichibu is a good place to go! ✌


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