Study Japanese from Funny Short Video


今回中岡は、左右にスティックを動かし10回できたら成功 This time, Nakaoka has to move the stick left and right 10 times in order to succeed.


10回? 10 times?

しかしこれ、簡単そうに見えるが、かなり難しい。This seems easy, but it is quite difficult.

あぁ Sigh

いくでー Ready? いくよー go

1時間後 1 hour later

2時間後 2 hours later

1, 2, 3

1, 2, 3

やれどもやれども、まったく上達しない。Even keep trying, he doesn’t get better.

  • やれどもやれども Even trying so many times/ keep getting something 

This is used something you getting fail or not to be able to do.


Keep getting errors やれどもやれどもエラーが出る。


クッソ~  S***!~

  • クッソ~: unwilling expression you use when you fail something after you try hard.

先に仕上がったのは、ディレクター大矢 Director Ooya had already completed the task.

10回成功! Succeeded 10 times!

悔しい I’m so frustrated (a regretful expression)

これスタジオでやらせて Let me do this at the TV studio.


これ俺自分で買うから (If you let me do it), I would buy this (the tool).

残念ながら、スタジオでやるほどの事ではない。 Unfortunately, it’s not that worth to do at the studio.

  • ~ほどの事ではない not that much/ not worth to do


Mai: I made a mistake when filling in the application form… 申し込み用紙の記入間違えちゃった。。。

Hana: It’s not so much to worry about. 心配するほどの事ではないよ。


This is not worth to take so much time. 時間をかけるほどの事ではない


今もう手首バカになってっから My wrist is broken already (My wrist is so tired/paralyzed/ lost of strength)

  • バカになる use this term for something that doesn’t work properly or well

機械がバカになる The machine is broke/ not working well 


やらしてください Please let me do it.

なぁ Come on~

なぁ お願い! Pleeeaaase!

なぁ Come on~

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