TOP 5 Over-rice food 丼🍚 in Japan

Japan has lots of 丼ぶり; donburi which is something-over-rice food, for example, meat over rice or raw fish over rice etc.

You can put pretty anything over rice. It usually matches any combination.

Here is the most popular donburi in Japan.


1.Tendon – Tempura over rice

It is a very good this dish with teriyaki sauce.


2. Gyudon – meat over rice

The meat can be any meat like beef, pork, and chicken.



3. Curry rice

This is Japanese curry and it’s nothing like Indian curry or Thai curry. It’s milder and the sauce is similar to gravy.


4. Katsudon – deep-fried pork over rice

This is definitely one of the Japanese national food everybody loves.


5. Kaisendon – raw fish over rice

If you like fresh raw fishes, this is the one you must try. The fish can be anything and the rice is seasoned with sweet vinegar.




Over-rice food is Japanese fast food because it is easy to make and easy to eat.

Please try ~ 😃


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