Japanese Study with Short Video, Teikou Penguin

Here is a good short video for you to study Japanese.


  • ブラック企業; black kigyou is a company that has bad working conditions. If you work for this kind of company, you have to do overtime a lot, have no good training for employees, receive power harassment from your boss, and so on.
  • The opposite, ホワイト企業;white kigyou is a good company that has good and fair working conditions for employees, such as no overtime etc.
  • 社畜 shachiku, is a corporate slave


These are trend words in Japan recently since the government has been trying to make the working conditions better.


ストレスが溜まりすぎると? If you are stressed out too much?

Panda: 最近ストレスすごいんだよね。I am so stressed out recently.

Penguin: よかったな That’s good.

Panda: よくないでしょ That’s not good.

Penguin: 食が細くなって痩せられそうじゃん You may lose your appetite and lose your weight.

Panda: 元から痩せてるよ I am already thin.

Panda: 黒はやせて見えるしね Wearing black makes me look thin.

Penguin: 腹黒さじゃ痩せては見えねーぞ Being black-hearted doesn’t make you thin


  • 最近~だよね。When you want to talk about some recent situation that you are in, you want to use this phrase. For example, 最近、残業が多いんだよね。I have had a lot of overtime recently. 最近すぐ疲れるんだよね。I have gotten tired easily recently. etc.

眠れない Can’t sleep

Penguin: なにしてんの?What are you doing?

Panda: 寝れない I can’t sleep.

Penguin: 仕事中に寝んな Don’t sleep at work.

Panda: 最近全然寝れないんだ I haven’t been able to sleep recently.

Penguin: 目のクマ,すごいもんな You have terrible bags under your eyes.

Panda: これ模様だから This is my natural pattern.


  • なにしてんの?/なにしてるの? both natural to say between friends and families.


ぼーっとしてしまう I can’t to help to have a foggy head

Boss: おい Hey

Boss: これまたミスってんぞ You made mistakes again.

Panda: ボーっとして何も考えられないんだよね I have foggy head and can’t think anything.

Boss: おい、Hey 資料みすってんぞ! This document is wrong!

Penguin: それパンダが作りました That is what panda made.

Panda: ペンギンにチェックしてもらいました Penguin has checked it.

Penguin: 悪知恵だけは働くのか… That’s crafty…


  • 悪知恵が働く means to say in a cunning or sneaky way, usually elevating yourself from having to take any responsibility if things go wrong thereby making yourself look good to your superiors. 

パニックになる Become panicked

Panda: uwa———-!

Penguin: 何だよ急に What the hell you doing suddenly.

Panda: たまに頭が真っ白になるんだ Sometimes my mind goes completely blank.

Penguin: 大変だな That’s tough

Penguin: ところで資料できた? By the way, have you finished the documents?

Panda: uwa————–!

Penguin: 明日のプレゼン頼むぞ Good luck with your presentation tomorrow.

Panda: uwa——————————-!

Penguin: 今日メシおごってやろうか You want me to buy me food?

Panda: うん Yeah

Penguin: 都合のいい症状だな That’s the convenient symptom.

  • プレゼン is the abbreviation of presentation;プレゼンテーション

自己否定におちいる going into self-denying

Panda: ボクはだめだな I’m no good.

Penguin: そうだお前はダメなやつだ Yes you are no good.

Panda: でもペンギンはもっとダメだ But, Penguin is even worse.

Penguin: いや、パンダのほうがダメ No, Panda is worse.

Panda: いや、ペンギンのほうが。。。No, penguin is much…

Boss: しゃべってないで仕事しろよー Don’t talk, just work!

Panda: あいつよりはましだな Well, we are better than that guy.

Penguin: だな I agree.


  • まし means “better” than something. For example, 暑いより寒い方がまし Cold weather is better than hot weather. 

次の日 Next day

Penguin: ぱんだのやつ大丈夫かな Is Panda ok?

Panda: うまいもん食ったら治ったよ I am ok after I ate some delicious food.

Penguin: ストレスたまるわー You give me stress.


  • ストレスがたまる It’s stressful/I am stressed.


  • Differences between the sentences

~たら + past

うまいもん食ったら治ったよ I am ok after I ate some delicious food.

~たら + future

うまいもん食ったら治るよ       I would be ok if I have some delicious food.



Please leave a comment if you have any questions 😃






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