White day?


In Japan, February 14th it is Valentine’s day. It’s a day where girls give chocolates to guys.


Mainly, from girlfriends to their boyfriends or girls gives chocolates to guys to approach them.

But many girls give 義理チョコ; giri choco which give appreciation or gratitude to any guys at work or family. Also, many girls give chocolates even to their girl friends.


Why Chocolate?

This is supposedly because chocolate manufacturing companies started the promotion of Valentine’s day in Japan.

Why from Girls?

This is because Japanese women supported the boom.

So, What is the White Day?

As for the return, we have white day on March 14th that guys give white chocolate to the girls who gave them chocolate on the Valentine’s day.


In 1970’s, the Valentine’s day became Japanese custom.

In 1980’s started White day.

People in Japan today enjoy both Valentine’s day and White day 😊


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