How to Eat Shabu Shabu?


ShabuShabu is Japanese hot pot with meats and vegetables using soup stocks and eating with dipping sauce.

It is very delicious and so popular in Japan.

What is the Soup?

Traditionally, the soup is seaweed stock, but today there are more options, such as spicy soup or chicken stock.



What kind of meats and vegetables?

It has almost anything you can put into the hotpot because the soup and dipping sauce goes well with almost anything.

img_4749⇑ Japanese beef, Wagyu (和牛).

img_4756⇑ Pork, Beef tongue, and vegetables.

What Kind Dipping Sauce?

It is Ponzu (ポン酢) which is is a mix of soy sauce and vinegar and sesame sauce.


How Do You Cook It?

You put the meat and vegetables inside the broth, cook it, and dip into the source. That’s it; quite simple actually! 😋


Shabu Shabu is very easy even at home, you basically just need to cut vegetables and prepare meat, broth, and dipping sauce.

It is also very healthy because the broth takes the fat off from the meat. It is also good to have a lot of vegetables.

This is also good to have with your friend and family together to have a fun time! 🍴





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