Top Japanese Fast Food

Like every else in the world, fast food has become popular in Japan also. There are lot of choices when it comes to fast food in Japan, and while just like every else they have international fast food chains such as McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC. However there are also some chains that are unique to Japan and you’d maybe not heard of before. Let’s round off these in my list of the top 3 of Japanese fast food chains.

— ♦♥ #3: Mos Burger ♥♦ —


Mos Burger is like an American Burger food chain but completely japan-ized as their burgers are more similar to Japanese tastes I think. They tend to be both cheap, delicious and maybe a little bit healthier than places like Mcdonalds and Burger King.

While Mos Burger is known for its burgers, during the Christmas period they are very famous for their fried chicken for the holiday season. As it’s common tradition on Xmas for Japanese people to eat Christmas cake and fried chicken, most get their fried chicken from Mos Burger, I recommend you try some if you’re here during the winter holiday.

— ♦♥ #2: Champon ♥♦ —


Champon is soup noodle originally from 九州 (Kyushu) which is one of Japan’s 4 main islands. The soup is chicken and salt base. Even though this is fast food that comes in 5 minutes you order, there are lots of vegetable in it, so it is actually very healthy. Ringer Hut is the most famous chain champon restaurant, and it’s everywhere in Japan.

— ♦♥ #1: YakiNiku ♥♦ —


This is 一人焼肉 Hitori Yakiniku, which is mono style Japanese BBQ. Each customer has one grill. This is new style started recently, and there are 5 places in Tokyo area.


This beef tongue is very soft and flavorful.


I went to 新橋 Shinbashi for lunch. It was very busy and the inside was not so big, so you may want to avoid middle of the lunch time from noon to 1 pm.



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