Sweet Sparkling Sake

This is one of my favorite alcoholic drinks, 澪 MIO. It’s Japanese sparkling sake.

It is sweet and smooth texture slightly carbonated Sake.

It’s a small blue bottle about 500 yen ($5) at stores like convenience stores or supermarkets, but the price is about a thousand yen ($10) at restaurants.

I like the beautiful plum flowers picture on the bottle.  You can drink with a champagne glass or small glass like this picture as it’s only 300 ml (10 fl oz), so you can have only 2 or 3 champagne glasses from one bottle.

The taste is slightly fruity, sweet, and carbonated, so it is good with a meal or before the meal because it doesn’t interfere with the tastes from your meal.  The alcohol percentage is only 5%, so it’s not as strong as normal Sake or white wine. If you usually drink beer or wine, you may taste like this almost juice.


As you can see, it’s a bit of a milky color because this is Sake and made from rice.

The company, Takara Shuzo, that make this Sake the traditional way, is from the Edo period in which samurai lived in.

This Sake is good at a cold temperature and don’t put any ice in it.

In Japan, not many young people drink Sake anymore since Sake is a bit of a strong taste, so beer is easier and more popular for many people. But this sparkling Sake is much easier to drink even for those don’t drink much alcohol and like a sweet taste.

Also, it used to be kind of important to drink alcohol for socializing in Japanese society. However in recent years, this practice is not as common as before, but I remember, two decades ago I often heard, that if you couldn’t drink alcohol, you couldn’t get a promotion or get along with your co-workers or bosses at work.


Regardless, truth is most Japanese people love drinking even though many of them are not heavy-weights when it comes to alcohol. Enjoy the sake recommendation!


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