Beef Katsu


牛かつ (Gyu-katsu) is deep fried beef that was first made in the Meiji period, which is right after the Edo period, from 1868 to 1912. It is more popular in Kyoto area than Tokyo area in Japan today.

It is deep fried but not oily at all because the panko (パン粉 Japanese style breadcrumbs) that are very finely grounded and when the beef is fried it forms a very thin crust, so there is not so much oil contained within. It is much healthier than most other fried foods.


This is Gyu-katsu teisyoku come with 3 kinds of dipping souse and Sansho Japanese paper, so you never get bored. It also comes with cabbage, rice and red miso soup.


This is beef cutlet over rice with miso soup and soft boiled egg.  The egg is for dipping the beef into.


The beef was so juicy and soft.

Since this is Kyoto style food, the miso soup uses something we call aka-dashi, or red miso in English. The Tokyo style of miso soup is usually Awase-dashi, which is mix of red miso and white miso.


You can also get these free stickers of the restaurants.


I went to Katsu-gyu in Harajyuku, Tokyo, but their locations are in 9 other prefectures besides Tokyo. Try going there yourselves some time, I recommend it!



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