Hinamatsuri 雛祭り

46494506-B32D-416B-B9B7-B4F3FBE719CFHina-ningyou 雛祭人形

It is HINAMATSURI today, on March 3rd!

Hinamatsuri is a festival for girls to grow up healthy and well.

Traditionally on Hinamatsuri day, if you have a girl in your family, you should decorate a room in your home with dolls and you all eat sushi and some sweets with your family.

24096dbb-0091-40d5-ba1e-da49f34887be.jpegChirashi-zushi ちらし寿司

BF6B6209-C3CF-421B-9C07-CCB300C6D4EFSakura-mochi 桜餅

This festival came from ancient China in the Heian period in Japan which is from 794 to 1185.

We have Kodomo no hi which is boy’s day in May as well.



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