Looking for a room in Japan?

You want to rent a room in Japan but don’t know how?

Here is some advice.


Renting an apartment is relatively difficult in Tokyo especially if you don’t have a decent and stable job and enough income.

If you want to rent an 70,000 yen apartment room for example, the approximate annual income you need is 1,800,000 yen. And if you want to rent an 100,000 yen apartment room, you need 3,600,000 annual income at least.

In addition, when you rent an apartment in Japan you need a guarantor, and in most cases, you need one that is either from a guaranty company or the from the company you work for. If you need to use a guaranty company, you usually have to pay from one third to a whole moth’s rent to use their services. GTN is a guaranty company that offers their services in English and other languages for your contract with your landlord.

You also need to pay for a deposit ( 敷金 shikikin ), an offering of gratitude to your landlord ( 礼金 reikin ), a service fee for the real state agency ( 仲介手数料 chukaitesuryo), money for changing room keys ( 鍵交換費 kagikoukanhi ), and for fire insurance on the room.

Total deposit is usually 1 to 2 months of rent.

As for Japan,  in most of the cases you need to use a real state agency to rent an apartment. Once you decided the place you want to rent, you have to pay from a half to a month’s rent to the real state agency.

Also in Japan, it is often customary to pay an offering of gratitude to your landlord, in other words what we call reikin ( 礼金 ). This payment is a custom in japan from long ago when landlords would look after their tenants, especially those young single people who came from the countryside or University to start work in Tokyo. This tradition is fading out as of recent years however this payment is still present in many apartments.  The amount depends on the apartment, but usually you may have to pay from 1 to 2 months of rent. However it is possible to negotiate with the real estate agency to lower the amount.

Fire insurance is usually ¥20,000 for 2 years.

Total initial cost would be about 2 to 4 times of the rent,  plus your first month of rent.

When you apply for the leasing application, you need a Japanese phone number and residential record that you can get from your nearest city office ( 市役所 shiyakusho ).

Almost always you have to speak Japanese to communicate with the landlord and real state agency when you find an apartment. This is quite important since most landlords tend to avoid any trouble so then if you cannot communicate with them and other residents, you may be not accepted through the rental application process.

If you want to find an apartment in English and no guarantor, you can contact: Realstate.co.jp



This real state company leases their apartments with much less difficulty for those who are students and have no stable income or a full-time job in Japan. They also offer multiple languages and various services for people from other countries and those who are new to renting an apartment in Japan. Most of their rooms include internet connection, furniture and appliances, so you can start your life immediately in Japan. This may be the easiest choice to start a new life in Japan since you don’t need guarantor and there is easier application process for the rent. You can get detailed information from any of their offices or from their website.



Guesthouses can be another easy choice to move in Japan since there is less initial payment and an easier process to move in.

They usually require you to pay first month’s rent and a refundable deposit. They also offer multiple languages, so even you have limited Japanese skills, you don’t need to worry about the communications with the landlord.

You can find many guest houses at Craigslist.

10 Most popular cities (wards) in TokyoTokyo-Cities-Map-pics

  1. Setagaya
  2. Minato
  3. Shinjyuku
  4. Shinagawa
  5. Shibuya
  6. Bunkyo
  7. Meguro
  8. Ota
  9. Suginami
  10. Nakano

10 Most Popular Stations in Tokyo

  1. Nakano
  2. Shinjyuku
  3. Ikebukuro
  4. Meguro
  5. Koenji
  6. Shinagawa
  7. Komagome
  8. Sugamo
  9. Yoyogi
  10. Ogikubo

These are the average rent in Tokyo

Minato ¥260,000

Chiyoda ¥190,000

Shibuya ¥180,000

Chuo ¥170,000

Meguro/Shinjyuku ¥130,000

Shinagawa/Bunkyo/Taito/Koto ¥120,000

Sumida ¥110,000

Setagaya/Ota/Arakawa/Toshima ¥100,000

Nakano/Suginami/Musashino/Kita/Nerima/Mitaka ¥90,000

Edogawa/Chohu/Itabashi/Nishi-tokyo/Fuchu/Adachi/Koganei/Katsushika ¥80,000

Other cities are ¥6-70,000

  • By the size (1帖 = 1 tatami mat =1.62㎡)

– Studio type1301883565.jpg

Chiyoda and Minato ¥140,000

Chuo ¥130,000

Shibuya and Shinjyuku ¥110,000

Taito/Koto/Meguro/Sumida ¥110,000

Bunkyo/Shinagawa ¥100,000

Toshima ¥90,000

Nakano/Ota/Setagaya/Arakawa /Suginami/Kita ¥80,000

Nerima/Itabashi/Musashino/Katsushika/Edogawa/Adachi ¥70,000

Other cities are ¥4-60,000700px-Tokyo_Metropolis_Map.svg

– 1 Bedroom 1351401097

Minato ¥270,000

Chiyoda ¥230,000

Shibuya ¥210,000

Chuo ¥200,000

Shinjyuku/Meguro ¥170,000

Shinagawa/Bunkyo ¥150,000

Taito ¥140,000

Setagaya/Koto/Sumida/Nakano/Toshima ¥120,000

Suginami/Ota/Musashino ¥110,000

Arakawa/Kita ¥100,000

Nerima/Mitaka/Itabashi/Chohu/Komae ¥90,000

Other cities are ¥5-80,000

– 2 Bedroom

Minato ¥430,000

Chiyoda ¥70,000

Shibuya ¥340,000

Chuo ¥270,000

Meguro/Shinjyuku ¥260,000

Shinagawa ¥220,000

Bunkyo ¥200,000

Koto ¥190,000

Taito ¥180,000

Toshima ¥170,000

Setagaya/Nakano/Arakawa/Suginami ¥160,000

Ota/Sumida/Musashino ¥150,000

Kita ¥140,000

Chofu/Itabashi/Komae/Mitaka/Nerima ¥120,000

Koganei/Edogawa/Kokubunji/Nishi-Tokyo ¥110,000

Fuchu/Kunitachi/Katsushika/Adachi/Inagi/Kodaira ¥100,000

Tachikawa/Hino/Higashi-kurume/Tama ¥90,000

Other cities are ¥7-80,000

– 3 Bedrooms and more

Minato ¥740,000

Shibuya/Chiyoda ¥680,000

Shinagawa ¥380,000

Meguro ¥370,000

Chuo ¥360,000

Shinjyuku ¥340,000

Bunkyo ¥290,000

Setagaya ¥270,000

Ota/Toshima ¥260,000

Koto ¥240,000

Taito ¥220,000

Suginami/Musashino/Sumida/Arakawa/Nakano ¥200,000

Mitaka ¥170,000

Kita/Itabashi/Komae ¥160,000

Kokubun/Edogawa/Chohu/Koganei/Kunitachi/Nerima ¥150,000

Adachi ¥140,000

Tatsushika/Fuchu ¥130,000

Nishi-Tokyo/Machida/Tama /Hino/Kodaira/Tachikawa ¥120,000

Inagi/Hachioji/Nishitamagun-Hinode-cho ¥110,000

Kiyose/Higashimurayama/Akishima/Fussa/Higashi-yamato ¥100,000

Other cities are ¥7-90,000

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