Amazing Convenience Stores in Japan

Convenience stores (コンビニ: conbini; shortened form of convenience)are on every street corner in Tokyo, and they are amazing and totally different from ones in the U.S. and most of the countries.

Drinks – There are a wide variety of green teas that are unsweetened. Sweetened teas are only black teas.


Alcohol – you can get beers, shochu, sake, and wines.

Bento – they have so many kinds of lunch boxes


Frozen foods – They are usually pretty good



Rice balls, Roll sushi, and sandwiches





Ice creams



The most popular convenience store is 7-11.

Lawson and Family mart are quite nice too. You can find those 3 easily in Tokyo area.


You have so many options for food there. Even you don’t really feel like eating at restaurants, you can get good food from a convenience store and bring it back to your hotel or home.

You can do so many things there other than just buying cheap and tasty food.

What you can do at most of the convenience stores in Japan are…

paying various bills, like water bill and utilities, send letters or packages, getting your packages, ordering tickets, making copies, printing photos, withdrawing money, and so on. You can also have Wifi connection there.


It’s also nice place for buying some snacks for your family and friends in your country.

They usually have clean restroom.



These below are some common phrases you may hear or want to use at the convenience stores.

いらっしゃいませ。Irrashai mase : Welcome in

ありがとうございます。Arigatougozaimasu : Thank you

お弁当 Obentou : Lunch box/bento box

あたためますか? Atatamemasuka? : Do you want to warm up (your food)?

チンしますか?Chin shimasuka? : Do you want to warm up your food in microwave?

袋はいりますか? Fukuro wa irimasuka? : Do you need plastic bag ?

レシート要りますか?reshi-to wa irimasuka? : Do you need a receipt?

おねがいします。Onegai shimasu : Yes please.

いらないです。Iranai desu : No thank you/ I don’t need it/ I don’t want it.

袋はいらないです。Fukuro wa iranaidesu : I don’t need a plastic bags.

箸をください。Hashi wo kudasai : Can I get a chopstick?

フォーク/スプーンを下さい。Fouku/Supun wo kudasai : Can I get a  fork/ spoon?

いくらですか?Ikura desuka? : How much?

トイレはどこですか?Toire wa doko desuka? : Where is the restroom?




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