Types of Fishes in Japan 🐟


As Japan is a country made up of islands, fish dishes are everywhere, so as a result there are lots kinds of food. Examples include Sushi (すし/寿司/鮨), Sashimi (さしみ/刺身), Tempura (天ぷら/天麩羅/天婦羅), Seafood hot-pot (海鮮鍋/kaisen-nabe), grilled (焼き:Yaki), and boiled (煮物:Nimono).

boiled snapper


Below are some popular and common fishes and how they taste:


Mild and often white fishes.

平目/ひらめ/ヒラメ (Hirame) Flatfish;

キス (Kisu) Sillaginidae;

鯛/たい/タイ (Tai) Snapper; medium – firm texture

帆立/ほたて/ホタテ (Hotate) Scalp;

河豚 🐡  ふぐ/フグ(Fugu) Blowfish; medium – firm texture

しらす (Shirasu) A young sardine; soft texture



Middle flavored fishes.

かんぱち (Kanpachi) Almaco Jack; Medium

イカ (Ika) Squid; firm texture

タコ (Tako) Octopus; firm texture

ホッケ (Hokke) Okhotsk Atka Mackerel;

鱈/たら/タラ (Tara) Cod;

つぶ貝 (Tsubugai) Whelk; firm texture

みる貝 (Mirugai) Geoduck; firm texture

はまち (Hamachi) Yellowtail; medium – firm texture

鮎あゆ (Ayu) Sweetfish; Jun-Aug

伊勢海老 (Iseebi) Japanese Spiny Lobster;


Full-flavored, oily fish having fishy, distinctive taste.

鮪/まぐろ/マグロ(maguro) Tuna;

鮭/しゃけ/シャケ (Shake) Salmon; Medium

鯵/あじ/アジ (Aji) Jack Mackerel;

鯖/さば/サバ (Saba) Mackerel;

秋刀魚/さんま/サンマ (Sanma) Pacific Saury; Sep – Oct

鰯/いわし/イワシ (Iwashi) Sardine;

é°¤/ぶり/ブリ (Buri) Amberjack; medium – firm texture. Seasonal (Oct – Mar)

鰻/うなぎ/ウナギ (Unagi) Eel;


穴子/あなご/アナゴ (Anago) Salt-water Eel


蟹/かに/カニ (Kani) Crab;

é°¹/かつお/カツオ (katsuo) Bonito; medium – firm texture

子持ちししゃも (Komochi-shishamo) Smelt Fish with Many Eggs


ニジマス (Nijimasu) Rainbow Trout;

鮑/あわび/アワビ (Awabi) Abalone; firm texture

雲丹/うに/ウニ(Uni) Sea Urchin;


イクラ (Ikura) Salmon Roe


サザエ (Sazae) Horned Turban; firm texture

牡蠣/カキ (Kaki) Oyster;


You can have those fishes at Sushi restaurants, Izakaya(居酒屋), and many other restaurants in Japan.




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